Albany Park Finance

Albany Park (AP) specialises in financial protection and mortgage advice. We offer a personalised independent service incorporating the latest technology to ensure that at all times our clients are offered solutions tailored to your particular needs. Albany Park works hard to bring you competitive prices available in the UK marketplace.

What Can Albany Park Advise Me About?

  • Mortgages – Finding the most appropriate mortgage for your requirements.
  • Life Insurance – Providing peace of mind for a family in the case of an unfortunate death of either parent.
  • Income Protection – In the event of a long term illness an income can be provided until your selected retirement date.
  • Critical Illness Insurance – Protection to ensure that if you are effected by a serious illness that a lump sum can be available to remove any financial concerns.
  • Medical Insurance – Access to private healthcare, which can offer significant advantages in terms of waiting time, quality of care, convenience and comfort.